Course History

In 1959 a quarter section of land came up for sale. It was then that a few members of the community got together and purchased the said land for $4,000. Once the land was acquired a rough draft of the future golf course was drawn and plans began.

This area of land was heavily wooded and therefore volunteers had to clumb trees to mark out the surveyed area with ribbons. With the help of the Town of Willow Bunch and the Willow Bunch R.M. #42 equipment was brought in to clear the bush. By the fall of 1960, the bush had been cut and put in windrows to be burned. Work then began on building the sand greens. Volunteers brought in trucks to help hauling in sand. After clearing and burning the bush volunteers were called to help pick up tree roots. In 1963 they were then able to finish breaking the land for fairways. Fifteen to twenty young boys would come with their own pail to pick up tree roots. Each being paid 50 cents an hour. It took most of the summer to get rid of the tree roots. In the fall of 1963 all the fairways had been worked up and ready for seeding. In 1965 it was ready for golfing, however, there were still some big tree stumps to remove. Some as big as three to four feet across. These were blasted out. The project took 5 years to complete.

In 1969 the Club bought the Sharon School for the sum of $1.00. This unique little school house is still being used as a club house. In the spring of 1995 the local golf club took over operation of the golf course. It has been working until present to convert the course to watered fairways and grass greens. The Willow Bunch Auto Lotto was born to help fund the continuing process of reconstruction and installation or irrigation. We have now reached that milestone and hope this little bit of history will always be preserved.

We thank our members past and present and appreciate all the volunteer hours and work done in completing this project. Spririt and volunteers are key to small town Saskatchewan.