Municipal Services


Please contact the town office if you would like to attend a particular meeting as a delegate.

As per Bylaw #9/2016, please complete the Submission to Council Agenda Form and present it to the Municipal Office no later than 48 hours before the scheduled Council meeting.

Town Office
16 Edouard Beaupré Street
Willow Bunch, SK S0H 4K0

Hours of Operation
Mon – Fri: 7:00am – 12:00pm, 12:45pm – 4:30pm
Sat & Sun: Closed
* Closed statutory holidays

  • Garbage & Recycling

    The Town and RM provide bi-weekly garbage (grey bin) and recycling (blue bin) pickup and removal for residents and businesses from Loraas Disposal.  Should you have an issue with bins or pick-up, please contact the Municipal Office as soon as possible @ 306-473-2450.

    2024 Willow Bunch Collection Calendar

  • Collection and Transfer Station

    Willow Bunch Collection/Transfer Station and Grain Bag Collection Site

    View Hours & Fees

  • Mail Service

    A Canada Post Office is located in the community at #36 Edouard Beaupre Street.  Hours of operation of Monday to Friday 8:30am – 12:00pm and 1:00pm to 5:00pm.  Local contact phone number is 306-473-2344.

  • Electricity & Natural Gas

    SaskPower and SaskEnergy are our primary utility services providers.

    POWER OUTAGES – 310-2220

    SaskPower Customer Services: 1-888-757-6937

    Sask1st Call – (Locate underground lines) – 1-866-828-4888

    SaskEnergy – 24hr Natural Gas Emergency – 1-888-700-0427

    SaskEnergy – Customer Services: – 1-888567-8899

  • Telecommunication

    A variety of telecommunication providers are available such as SaskTel, Wood River Controls and Access Communication.

    Sasktel – 1-800-727-5835

    Access – 306-569-3510 

    Access 24/7 Technical Assistance – 1-866-363-2225

  • Vehicle & Driver Licensing

    Newcomers to Saskatchewan

    You may not need to take a driver’s exam if you have a valid driver’s licence from another country or Canadian province. Detailed information is available from SGI.

    You must prove your identity to get a Saskatchewan driver’s license. You will need two pieces of identification that include your legal name, date of birth and signature. If you do not have any Saskatchewan identification, your passport and an immigration document, such as a Resident Card may be used.

    You must also prove that you live in Saskatchewan. Items such as a telephone bill, a rental agreement, mortgage document or Saskatchewan Health Services Card may be acceptable.

    Finally, you must prove you are entitled to be in Canada. This can be done with a document from Canadian Citizenship and Immigration such as a Residence Card or a study or work permit.

    Registration & Insurance
    • Cars must be registered.
    • Registration means you will have insurance in case of an accident. You may still need to pay some money if it was your fault.
    • If you are in an accident you must report it.

    All cars that are normally driven in Saskatchewan need to be registered here. To register a car in Saskatchewan you must be the owner of the car. You can show you are the owner with a Bill of Sale. The Bill of Sale must include:

    • date of the sale
    • name of purchaser
    • make, model and serial number of the car
    • name, address and signature of the seller

    You can also register a car that you lease. In this case you will need the lease agreement.

    Once you have registered your car you will be given a licence plate that you must securely attach to the rear of your car. It must always be visible. This means that it cannot be covered or be so dirty that the numbers cannot be seen.

    When you register your car you are also buying basic insurance. This insurance covers damage to your car. It also covers injuries to people from a car crash you caused and any damage your car causes to another car, person or property. If you are in a car crash that is your fault, you will have to pay a deductible. You must pay this set amount before the insurance will cover the rest of the cost for repairs and other damages.

    Registration and basic insurance costs vary. How much you pay is based on the type of car. Your age, sex or where you live are not factors in determining how much you will pay. You can use Saskatchewan Government Insurance’s rate calculator to find out how much it will cost per year to register your vehicle. You can also purchase extra insurance for added protection. You can pay the full cost when you register your car for the year or set up monthly payments. You can also register your car for less than one year.

Utility Water/Sewer Service Rates

Water Rates

  • For Residences within the Town Boundaries: 3000 Gallons per month – $30.00
  • Over 3000 gallons: $0.50 per 100 gallons or parts thereof
  • Meters are read and billed quarterly

Sewer Rates

  • For Residences within the Town Boundaries: $15.00 per month

Water & Sewer Charges are billed quarterly. For specific details pertaining to this Utility – please see #TOWN_BYLAW_2-2019