Provincial Disaster Assistance Program (PDAP)

Provincial Disaster Assistance Program

The Provincial Disaster Assistance Program (PDAP) is a program within the Saskatchewan Public Safety. It helps residents, small business, non-profit organizations, agricultural operations and communities recover from natural disasters.  PDAP may help cover the cost of uninsurable essential losses, cleanup, repairs and temporary relocation. To be eligible for assistance, your local authority must apply to be approved.

WILLOW BUNCH has been designated due to severe weather APRIL 18 – 20, 2023.  

If you have loses in different municipalities, you will need to complete separate applications for each municipality. PDAP requires evidence to support all amounts claimed.  This can be done by supplying video, photos, inventory records, CCIA tag numbers and/or purebred registration certificates. Claims without evidence of each animal loss will not be covered.

I am a producer who has incurred livestock losses due to a heavy snow event for which insurance was not available.  What documentation do I need to provide to PDAP showing I have no coverage?

You will need to contact your insurance provider to receive an insurance denial letter.  This letter must be on company letterhead and include the following:

  • claimant’s name and mailing address
  • policy number and type of coverage
  • land location of losses
  • date(s) of loss
  • denial of coverage and reason why
  • signature and printed name of an authorized person

What financial information do I need to provide to show I meet PDAP requirements for agricultural related claims?

As per PDAP regulations, an eligible agricultural operation must meet the requirements below:

  • The annual gross revenues are at least $4000 but do not exceed more than $2 million in the year prior to the disaster
  • The business does not employ more than the equivalent of 20 FT employees
  • The business iWs an owner-operated enterprise where the individual owner-operator(s) are acting as the day to day manager and owns at least 50% of the business (sole partnership, proprietorship, or corporation).

For livestock losses, you must be able to show livestock income. The following document is required for each application:

  • A copy of your T1 General/Person Income Tax return submitted to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA); the return must include the corresponding Schedule of Farming Activities
  • If filing as a Corporation: the T2 Corporate Tax Return including Schedules 1 and 125
  • Notice of Assessment from CRA that corresponds to the submitted tax return
  • Unaudited financial statements will not be accepted

What is covered by PDAP for livestock losses?

Fore events where insurance is unavailable, PDAP will cover livestock losses at market value at the time of disaster, medications and equipment usage relating to power outages and disposal of carcasses.

What is not covered by PDAP for livestock losses?

For any event where insurance is readily available, PDAP will not cover expenses such as snow clearing as it is considered regular operation maintenance, nor wind breaks, (material and labor) or other assets purchased for long-term use.

PDAP claims for livestock losses cannot be assigned to an adjuster until all documentation establishing eligibility requirements has been received. To avoid delays you may still submit your application and note that you’re in the process of gathering the required documents and will submit them as soon as possible.



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