Grow With Us

Property is available for development and the Town and RM of Willow Bunch No. #42 is committed to fostering sustainable growth. Industry diversification and attraction are strategic priorities locally and regionally.

  • Population

    The population within Willow Bunch’s immediate trading area is 5000 people with approximately 299 people in the Town of Willow Bunch and 285 in the RM of Willow Bunch. The community is easily accessible to major centers in Saskatchewan, Montana and North Dakota.

  • Climate

    The average annual rainfall is 435 mm and average snowfall is 110 cm. Summers are characterized by being hot and dry. The winters here are warmer than the north, but still “Saskatchewan cold” and often affected by Chinook winds and southern weather patterns.

  • Airports

    The closest airports are in Regina, SK, Saskatoon, SK and Minot, ND.

    Regina International Airport (YQR), Saskatoon International Airport (YXE)  – both are serviced by Air Canada, WestJet, Sun Wing, Delta, and ACT Airlines.

    Minot International Airport (MOT) is serviced by Delta, United and Allegiant airline.

  • Distance from Willow Bunch

    • Regina, SK – 185 km
    • Moose Jaw, SK – 123 km
    • Saskatoon, SK – 353 km
    • Swift Current, SK – 237 km
    • Calgary, AB – 724 km
    • Williston, ND – 279 km
    • Minot, ND – 424 km

2021 Census Data

2021 Census Population Data

PopulationMedian AgeMedian Income ($)Average Home Value ($)Est. % of Housing & Farmland for Sale
Willow Bunch29947.865,500125,0003%
Bengough33252.950,816138, 90228%

The added population from the five rural municipalities brings the overall population for the region to 2810 as per 2021 Census Data.


The Town of Willow Bunch’s infrastructure is capable of comfortably maintaining a population of 1800 residents.

  • Water Supply Source – 100,000 gallon reservoir
  • Sewage – Lagoons
  • Broadband – 450 MGB download speed
  • Highway – located on secondary Highway #36.
  • US Border – Willow Bunch is located 55.2 km north west of the Ports of Coronach & Scobey, Montana. The Port of Scobey is located 22 km north of Scobey, MT which is approximately 150 km north of US #2 highway. Willow Bunch is 119.3 km west of the Ports of Regway and Raymond Montana.
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  • Poplar River Power Station – operated by SaskPower and is located 45.1 km southeast of Willow Bunch. An integral part of the operation is the Morrison Dam, Cookson Reservoir and Poplar River Coal Mine. The power station incorporates two 300-megawatt steam turbine driven generators. The building has a ground floor of 72,658 square feet and is 246 ft high. The stack is 25 feet in diameter at the base and 400 feet in height.
  • Poplar River Mine – owned and operated by Westmoreland Coal Company is located 32.3 km southeast from Willow Bunch. It’s total coal production is used by the Poplar River Power Station for fuel. The lignite coal is exposed with two draglines. It is transported to the power station by a privately owned rail line.

Labour Force Data

WorkforceUnemployment RateSize of Labour Force
Willow Bunch13.3%140
Coronach3.3 %300
Bengough8.3 %140
Rockglen12.1 %160

Source: Statistics Canada 2021

Agriculture Yields

Willow Bunch is located in the Brown Soil Zone. The rolling land is nearly all suitable for grain farming, although some areas are only suitable for grazing and ranching.

The land is mostly strip-farmed and is suitable for most Western Canadian crops such as durum, canola, oats, flax, rye, mustard, pulses and winter wheat. Some of the highest protein concentrated wheat in the world is grown in this area and it is a major supplier of pulses to the international market.

Provincially, crop yields, were all lower than they were in 2021, ranging from a 5.6% lower yield to a 52.5% lower yield.

2022 Crop Yields:

  • Canola: 25.4 bu/acre
  • Pea 27.3 bu/acre
  • Spring Wheat: 27.5 bu/acre
  • Barley: 40.5 bu/acre
  • Mustard: 306.0 lbs/acre
  • Durum: 38.5 bu/acre
  • Oats: 78.1 bu/acre
  • Lentils: 1176.6 lbs/acre
  • Flax: 19.1 bu/acre
  • Tame Hay: .90 ton/acre
  • Chick Peas: 804.7 lbs/acre

Source: Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, 2022 RM 42


Industries active in our community include:

  • Accommodations
  • Agriculture
  • Artisans
  • Automotive Services
  • Banking
  • Car Wash
  • Cleaners
  • Clothing
  • Construction
  • Convenience Stores
  • Electricians
  • Gas Stations
  • Greenhouse
  • Grocery Store
  • Massage Therapy
  • Photography
  • Restaurants
  • Specialty Shops
  • Welders
  • Wellness Center
  • Yard Maintenance


The community and trading area is also seeking people of all talents, bus drivers, cooks, servers, retail, farm hands, and hairdressers. Or be your own boss, provide locals with a niche service. Be the business that stands out in a crowd. We have a community filled with opportunities – make your dream a reality!

    Partnerships & Regional Economic Development

    Willow Bunch is a proud member of Saskatchewan South Ready (SSR) which is an economic partnership representing nine rural communities. SSR was created in 2020 to shine a spotlight on the unique opportunities our region offers new investors and their workforce. Visit for more information and opportunities for potential investors.