Fire Department

RM No 42 & Town of Willow Bunch – Volunteer Fire Department

The Willow Bunch Volunteer Fire Department is jointly funded by the RM of Willow Bunch, #42 and the Town of Willow Bunch.

The fire hall is next to the Town & RM office at 16 Edouard Beaupre Street (they are co-located in one building).

The Willow Bunch Volunteer Fire Department is a member of the Saskatchewan Volunteer Firefighters Association.

Phone Numbers:

Our Firefighters

  • Keith deRonde Fire Chief
  • Kevin Pruden Deputy Fire Chief
  • Parker Beauchesne
  • Kody Spagrud
  • Andre Cayer
  • Mitch Rondeau
  • Curtis Heatcoat Captain
  • Allan Mondor
  • Jake Broeder
  • Merlin Cochrane

Monthly Meetings

The Volunteer Fire Department meets at the fire hall the 1st Wednesday of every month. At these meetings we:

  • Take care of any business that needs to be addressed
  • Ensure all the equipment is in working order
  • Conduct training exercises

Volunteers Wanted

The community is in need of additional Volunteer Medical First Responders.

Volunteer Medical First Responders work closely with Emergency Medical Services (ambulance) to deliver the best emergency care for the patient. EMS response times can vary depending on location and availability of units, so ahving medically trained volunteers embedded in communities can mean the difference between life and death.

The WBFD is looking for additional volunteers to join their team!

Please contact: