Our Town. Our Story.

Willow Bunch, established in 1870, is one of Saskatchewan’s oldest settlements. The town is located on highway 36 south of the Trans Canada highway, forty minutes from the Canada-U.S. boundary near the Big Muddy Badlands in Southern Saskatchewan.

The Town of Willow Bunch

Willow Bunch is in a picturesque valley on the eastern slope of the Wood Mountain Plateau near the Canada-U.S. boundary, this quaint community is the site of some of the most interesting history of Saskatchewan. The deep cut coulees and ravines were a favorite wintering spot and summer hunting ground of the natives who inhabited the area prior to arrival of European settlers.

Metis families first settled here in 1870 and named the area “Hart Rouge” in honour of the abundant red willow. French Canadian settlers arrived and called it “Talle-de-Saules” which was later translated to “Willow Bunch”.