(R.M. of Stonehenge #73)

(1916 to 2013)

This burial site was donated to the Maxstone Catholic parish of SAINT MARY in 1916, by Edward Lolacher Sr., prior to the building of the church in 1917. The first interment, that of Michael Kostiuck, took place in 1916 and the most recent burial is likewise listed in the Master File.

The cemetery is situated in Maxstone. — From Willow Bunch, take the bottom grid-road to St. Victor, then follow the asphalt-surfaced road west of St. Victor about 1/4 mile, round the curve and up the hills north a few miles, then west all the way to Highway #2. Maxstone is situated one quarter mile further, directly west across the highway. The cemetery lies immediately south of what is now St. Mary’s Church Museum, in Maxstone.

LAND LOCATION: the NE 1/4 of Sec. 23, Tp. 6, Rg. 1, W3rd, in the R.M. of Stonehenge #73.

The Cemetery and Church grounds are well maintained, and the whole area is surrounded by a respectable wire fence. As concerns the Church Museum, though it was declared an “Historical Site” on October 11, 1982, it remains continually accessible for viewing by the general public: call #642-3150.

The books for this cemetery are kept by Lorne Kwasnicki, Box 33, Scout Lake, Sk., S0H 3V0. Phone #642-4079. They’re also accessible in albums at the Willow Bunch Museum and on the Internet at .

Those people listed in the Master File with “Yes” by the notation “Site Marker:”, have a headstone/marker and their burial spot was located. All other people have no known headstone/marker and their burial spot was not found.

All headstones in the cemetery were checked in person on December 30, 1997, by Gilles A. Bonneau. Afterward, Mr. Bonneau and his brother, Janvier C. Bonneau, painstakingly typed in all the particulars for each entry, with Gilles doing the final editing.

All names were further checked against available records, newspaper obituaries, and the local history book “Faith Hope and a Homestead,” by Gilles A. Bonneau, for accuracy and to include those people without a headstone.

For a current total of the number of people buried in this and/or other cemeteries, please access internet heading “Cemetery List”.