(R.M. of Willow Bunch #42) – (1918 to 2024)

This burial site was given to the parish of Lisieux by Joseph Préfontaine in 1918. The first interment in this cemetery, that of Exilda (St. Germain) Préfontaine, took place on February 10, 1918, and the most recent burial is likewise listed in the Master File.

The Lisieux SAINT THÉRÈSE Catholic cemetery is situated — from Lisieux, Sk., — three quarters of a mile south of the town, on the east side of Highway #2.

LAND LOCATION: the SW 1/4 of Sec. 3, Tp. 4, Rg. 30, W2nd, in the Willow Bunch R.M. #42.

For many years a large black & white wooden cross, always kept in good repair, stood erect in the center of the cemetery. It was replace in the year 2000 by a uniquely designed metal cross, which, it is expected, will outlast us all. The grounds are well kept at all times, and the cemetery is surrounded by tall trees, a substantial fence, and a picturesque front entrance gate.

The books for the cemetery are kept in the Catholic rectory in Rockglen. Phone #476 2037. They’re also accessible in albums at the Willow Bunch Museum and on the Internet at .

Those people listed in the Master File with “Yes” by the notation “Site Marker:”, have a headstone/marker and their burial spot was located. All other people have no known headstone/marker and their burial spot was not found.

All headstones in the cemetery were checked in person on December 25, 1997, by Gilles A. Bonneau. Afterward, Mr. Bonneau and his brother, Janvier C. Bonneau, painstakingly typed in all the particulars for each entry, with Gilles doing the final editing.

All names have been further checked against the cemetery register, by Gabrielle Granger and Gilles A. Bonneau, for accuracy and to include those people without a headstone.