Willow Bunch has several local and nearby attractions. Use the menu on the left to explore these tourism opportunities.

Local Attractions

Nearby Attractions

  • St. Victor Petroglyphs - One of Saskatchewan's mysteries

The St. Victor Petroglyphs, one of Saskatchewan's mysteries, is located just a short drive from Willow Bunch 2 kilometers south of St Victor.

For more details on these Images Carved in Stone approximately 1000 years old visit the Friends of the Petroglyphs web site.



  • McGillis House - A typical metis house built in 1890 by the Catchoo McGillis family.

The McGillis house, located at St Victor (18 km from Bunch Willow), is typical of the Metis homes of that era. It was built by the family of Alexandre "Catchoo" McGillis in 1890, several years after the arrival of the colony from the Red River. It is built from poplar poles, willow stakes, clay plaster, and prairie grasses. In those days the windows were scraped antelope skins and the doors, the shaved hides of the buffalo.

The museum vividly recalls the past. Hanging on rusty pegs on the exterior are saddles and bridles of an earlier era, kerosene lanterns, traps, and a badger skin on a stretcher board. Above the door is a feathered buffalo skull, with horns intact.

Inside are many pioneer relics, hand-made furniture, an ancient spinning wheel, and old photos of pioneer times. Outside stands a wooden-tubbed, hand-operated washing machine, a grindstone, and a buckboard.


  • Castle Butte

Castle Butte is a 70-metre high (200 ft) sandstone and clay formation located in the heart of the Big Muddy Badlands. Its prominent position on the flat valley floor made it a landmark that was used for navigation by Indians, early surveyors, North-West Mounted Police patrols, outlaws and settlers.

Castle Butte and the Big Muddy Badlands are located a short drive to the south east of Willow Bunch.

For more details visit the Virtual Saskatchewan web site.

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